My Google Play Store Is Showing “No Connection” And Will Not Open, Fix It Here (Leveltech Guided)

Sometimes you see yourself getting in but not being able to download/install app due to one or two related issues.

And right now, one of the things that might be coming into your mind is to find a place to download another Play Store app to your device.

But, I tell you, that even if you succeed in doing that, your problem might still persist.

Today we are going to be proffering a working solution to those that are unable to open their Google Play Store especially when it is displaying “No Connection” even when you are sure that your internet connection is perfect.

Without further trouble, follow the simple steps below to resolve the No Connection issue that you might be encountering now;

  • Root your phone first
  • After successful rooting, download and install Play Store Fixer here
  • Launch Play Store Fixer and click on the FIX that you will see there and watch it resolve the issue.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to root your device for any reason, then after downloading and installing Play Store Fixer, launch it and follow any of the fix tips provided on the interface.


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