Top 5 Websites To Download Softwares For Pc

These top 5 websites offer you non-malware and virus free software downloads for your Windows PC/Laptop

Everybody loves free software but the problem is that free software download websites can be dangerous to your PC as well as your pockets. One wrong click or download can mean having your PC infected with a virus or malware which can steal everything including your banking information. Some websites that claim to offer free download often take you on a maze-like survey trip and land you nowhere while others are malware laden and are waiting for you like a spider waits in its web to catch a fly.

In this article, we bring you 5 top software download websites which you can trust blindly for your Windows software needs. We have used three tools to verify the website’s reputation.

In order for a website to qualify for this list, the software download website needs to have a score of least 90% with WoT, 24/25 with URLVoid, and have a Safe site verdict from McAfee’s SiteAdvisor. Based on the above parameters, we are bringing you top 5 websites which you trust to download software for your Windows PC/laptop.

Top 5 virus and malware free website for software downloads

1. Ninite

WOT Trustworthiness: 94%

URLVoid Rating: 24/25

SiteAdvisor Verdict: Safe

Ninite is a simple website which provides you choicest Windows PC software for download. The website will present a list of programs that you can select, then lets you download a custom installer file that bundles all of the selected programs together so you can install them in bulk and save time. Ninite can be vouched for safety and security from the above scores. You can rest assured that downloading software from Ninite doesn’t bring malware or bundled bloatware and junkware. Run the same installer file at a later time and Ninite will automatically update every program.

2. Softpedia

WOT Trustworthiness: 93%

URLVoid Rating: 25/25

SiteAdvisor Verdict: Safe

Softpedia has been around for some time and has the biggest repository of software. At the last count, the Softpedia had 900,000 software download files on its database. In addition to Windows software, Softpedia is number one resource for your Linux software needs. In fact, it has all the latest ISOs from different Linux distros. Hundreds of them are updated every single day, so not only can you get clean and malware-free programs, but you can be sure that they are as recent and timely as possible.

3. MajorGeeks

WOT Trustworthiness: 93%

URLVoid Rating: 25/25

SiteAdvisor Verdict: Safe

MajorGeeks is another software download website which you can trust blindly. The MajorGeeks retro UI may put you off but believe me, it is a great repository for software. MajorGeeks happens to be the most popular software download choice of majority of users and at any single moment it has 1000s of visitors.

4. FileHippo

WOT Trustworthiness: 93%

URLVoid Rating: 24/25

SiteAdvisor Verdict: Safe

FileHippo is another full-fledged Windows software resource with over 20,000 active programs broken down into 16 helpful categories across Windows, Mac, and web. FileHippo has a simple US and a searchable database. Be sure to skip the download manager and directly download files from FileHippo.

Another great service from FileHippo is its Update Checker program, which scans your system and compares all current programs to see if any of them need to be updated. Keeping your software updated keeps your Windows PC/laptop risk free.

5. FilePuma

WOT Trustworthiness: 91%

URLVoid Rating: 25/25

SiteAdvisor Verdict: Safe

At first glance, FilePuma may seem like a FileHippo clone with its similar UI. But FilePuma outdoes FileHippo with its excellent search categorization which makes it easier for you to search the software.  Like FileHippo, FilePuma also has its own Update Detector program to keep your software up to date.


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