How To Send Other File Types Using WhatsApp (Leveltech)

Send other file types using WhatsApp

Obviously, WA (WhatsApp) isn’t better than Telegram. It’s not. Mainly because of file sharing and it’s upload size limit (16MB compared to Telegram’s 1.5GB)
I was thinking about it until an idea crossed my mind.

Here’s how you can share other files using WhatsApp
1. Identify the file you want to send (can be an app, or even a zip file. Make sure it’s within the WA upload size limit)
2. Rename the file’s extension (use a file manager). Example: If the original name was Telegram.apk rename just the extension, i.e. the .apk part to an extension allowed by WhatsApp . Change it to Telegram.mp3 or .mp4, .doc
3. Now long press on it and tap Share, then select WhatsApp
4. Select a chat then send
5. When the receiving end gets the file, all they need to do is rename it to what it originally was. Ex: You sent Telegram.doc, they should rename it back to Telegram.apk

  1. Done




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