Credit Card Balances Checker

Hi my Brothers,
For the first time, i will give my CC/Dumps Balance Checking Tutorial !
I have made it 1 week ago, sell them to many people so now, HAVE FUN !
The method is pretty simple and don’t require any Internet Connection,
You will not have to request anyone to get socks or VPN,
You can do it with a free skype account, LandLine Phone, Cell Phone,
Without ANY risk!
Call this number : 1-800-884-2010
It’s about a phone number connected to the merchants all over
the world same like the cashiers in store calls then the dump
asks for verification
So, You call the number, Enter the dollars amount,
If you want to check for $1 don’t press 1, press this :
$1 = 100
$10 = 1000

After Follow the Instruction !

After that the robot will tell you to hold and in maximum 2-3 seconds it will
give you a response , they’re are 3 types of answers :
1.Your approval code is : …..-that means the dumps is ok and ready to use.
2.Transaction is declined.-that means no money on it
3.Please hold for an operator. that means dumps is pickup.

Make this tutorial useful and thank me later



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