Crash A Friends Phone Via WhatsApp(How To)

Crash Your Friends Whatsapp or phone [2017 Leak]

Hello guys I’m bringing you this simple tutorial to prank your friends
 by crashing their phones via WhatsApp, so here’s the method:
1-first download this file from here
2-copy it to your Android phone, the file is a “contact.vcf” file.
3-On your Android go the location of the downloaded file and press on it so it can be imported in your contacts …Lol naaa
I will be wicked for that.

Don’t open it after downloading
NB. Don’t open it

4-Now for the fun part, open whatsapp and create a group with any name you want and add the victim (your friend that you want to prank or the enemy you want attack) to that group and press on the “attachments” then send that contact to the group, now you have to wait like 4 minutes for it to send then you will be fine, don’t worry if whatsapp stops responding in those 4 minutes

5-DONE! Now leave the group and when he/she opens whatsapp and check this new group his Whatsapp will crash.👺👺👺👺👺

I’m not responsible if your friend will rage at you :p )

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