100% Trick To Use 2 Numbers for 1 Whatsapp (leveltech Guided)


Howdy Guys?? Previously I had posted How to hack WhatsApp account. Now I am back again with a brand new article. In this article I will tell you a trick which allows a user to access 2 phone numbers to be linked to Whats App on same device. I found this app while searching Google Play Store. And then I found that many people are asking for similar features on WhatsApp. So, I decided to help them and share this information with them. The name of the app is “WhatsMore”.

2 phone numbers to be linked to whatsapp


WhatsMore is an add-on account management to make WhatsApp holding more than 1 phone number even on a single-SIM mobile phone. Now, we can give different phone numbers to the family, co-workers, customers, net-friends, and etc.

NOTE:- You need a rooted device to run this app.


– Allow Up to 2 phone numbers to be used with WhatsApp on the same device.

– Auto swapping WhatsApp accounts in a user preset interval.

– Show notifications when swapping WhatsApp accounts.

– Show notifications if there are unread messages of swapped out WhatsApp accounts.

– Launch any inactive WhatsApp account from within WhatsMore.

– Perform auto recovery upon the App starts (or the phone starts up) if the previous swapping process is interrupted. (ie. Power off, reboot of the mobile phone, upgrade from the play store)

NOTE:- If you attempt to frequently switch your WhatsApp account between different devices, at a certain point, you may be blocked from re-verifying your account. So please do not repeatedly switch between different devices. Using this app is a different story. You only register the each linked phone number once. And, you are always working on 1 device only.


In order to proceed you need to follow these simple steps. Assume you have phone number 1 and phone number 2. Follow the following steps to do the configuration:

Step 1: Download WhatsMore on Google Play. Uninstall WhatsApp and then re-install it again. DO NOT just perform an update/overwritten. (This is an important step for keeping old data for future WhatsApp releases.)

Step 2: Make sure that WhatsApp is properly registered with phone number 1.

Step 3: Start WhatsMore and swipe to the tab – Manage Profiles.

Step 4: Click the import button on the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Input a profile name when prompted for.

Step 6: After import success, you can see the button on the bottom of the screen has the label changed. It should read ‘Prepare WhatsApp for a new registration’.

Step 7: Click on prepare button and you will get a warning dialog.

Step 8: Click Continue and wait for the process to be finished.

Step 9: Turn off the phone and swap the SIM cards of phone number 1 and 2.

Step 10: Start WhatsApp again.

Step 11: Go through WhatsApp registration procedure using the phone number 2.

Step 12: Make sure that the new phone number 2 is working on WhatsApp.

Step 13: Start WhatsMore and swipe to the tab – Manage Profiles.

Step 14: Click the import button on the bottom of the screen.

Step 15: Input a profile name when prompted for.

Step 16: Swipe to the tab- Status.

After doing the above steps, you should see 2 phone icons on the status tab.

Note:- 1. You should never update WhatsApp. Instead, you uninstall it first and then do a fresh install with the new version. The purpose is to prevent the internal application name being changed by Android. You may get data corruption if this internal application name is changed.

2. Do backup periodically and before installing a new version of WhatsApp. Refer to the help page inside the app for more information.

I hope you find this trick interesting and useful. To share your views, do comment. I will be back with some more absorbing tricks so stay tuned….

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