FREE Phone Number For US verification!

So you need practically any smart phone that has the apple appstore, amazon appstore, google playstore, or windows phone crap whatever they use... So go to this site to find the download link for your device Click Here Step 1= Download the app onto your device Step 2 = Sign up Step 3 = Get... Continue Reading →

Crash A Friends Phone Via WhatsApp(How To)

Crash Your Friends Whatsapp or phone [2017 Leak] Hello guys I'm bringing you this simple tutorial to prank your friends  by crashing their phones via WhatsApp, so here's the method: 1-first download this file from here 2-copy it to your Android phone, the file is a "contact.vcf" file. 3-On your Android go the location of the... Continue Reading →

How To Disable/Remove the new WhatsApp Status Feature

WhatsApp’s latest feature allows users to put up a Status in the form of an Image, GIF or a Video. The fun part about it is that these Statuses will last for only 24 hours and then be removed automatically. New update of Whatsapp just made it more like Snapchat and Instagram and isn’t it... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Programming Apps For Smartphones

Top 5 best Android and iOS Apps for learning coding on the go What would happen to a poor student who can’t afford to own a laptop but wants to learn coding? Similarly, if someone has a busy day job, how could he/she learn programming into their busy schedule? Fear not! With the advent of smartphones,... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Websites To Download Softwares For Pc

These top 5 websites offer you non-malware and virus free software downloads for your Windows PC/Laptop Everybody loves free software but the problem is that free software download websites can be dangerous to your PC as well as your pockets. One wrong click or download can mean having your PC infected with a virus or malware... Continue Reading →

Top 10 free movie download websites which are fully legal

< h2> // /h2> All of us love movies and it is a double bonus if the movies are for free. However, the only problem is that if you search for free movies online, you will be presented with a long list of illegal websites offering you the latest Hollywood or Bollywood blockbuster for free.... Continue Reading →

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